Cosmic Lounge

Cosmic LoungeSpace Lag got you down? Perhaps you Hitch-hiked without a towel?   Run in with a Dalek? Take a break and enjoy your favorite intergalactic cocktails and brew at the Cosmic Lounge – located on the 2nd floor of the Town Toyota Center. 

We’ve had our droids transform the “Top Shelf Lounge” into a Sci-Fi themed “Cosmic Lounge” – complete with Sci-Fi decor, music, and your favorite Robot artwork from RADARSTATION’s  Ron Evans.

With drink specials, hourly give-aways,  a FREE Popcorn with your first beverage purchase, and a GREAT view of the convention below, you won’t want to leave this Sector’s best lounge- even in the face of a Borg assimilation.

But wait! There’s more:  This adult-only area (21+, No tribbles allowed) will feature our Galaxy’s favorite ADULT GAME:  CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY. Perfect for all you Moon-Brained prods out there lookin for laughs.  And if you want to test your nerd mettle- join us in the Cosmic Lounge from 1pm-2pm  for a game of Trivia (WEN-CON Style) complete with prizes and notoriety that you can flaunt around the cosmos at Ludicrous Speed.

The Cosmic Lounge will be open from 10am-6pm, for 21+ year old homo sapiens and aliens alike.  Please remember to Drink Responsibly & DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.

(You may only have so many points left on your license)